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The Hunger Games Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

  • Katniss explains to Peeta that Foxface must have been watching him gather food and eaten his berries. They save a handful of the berries, just in case they can fool Cato in the same way.
  • Speaking of which, he probably knows where they are now, what with the canon, but instead of running, Katniss suggests they make a fire, roast their meat, and wait to see if he shows up.
  • He doesn't. Time to make camp for the night, but Peeta can't climb, so Katniss agrees (reluctantly) to head back to the cave. Then she gives him a smooch. (Gotta play up the romance.)
  • Back at the cave, the two eat and Peeta nods off. Katniss tucks him into bed and thinks about Cato and his crazed tantrum when he lost the supply pyramid. Maybe the guy is insane.
  • Her thoughts turn to Foxface: probably the smartest tribute out there. The only way they got her was through Peeta's mistake. Is Cato as smart? He definitely lacks control with that temper.
  • The next day the two eat and head out only to find the stream all dried up. The Gamemakers must be driving them to the lake for a "bloody fight to the death" – so that's where they head (24.46).
  • At the lake, there's no sign of Cato. Katniss makes Rue's mockingjay call and the trees come alive with the song. The song is cut off, though, when someone smashes through the trees: Cato – wearing body armor.
  • But wait. He's not running for them. He's running FROM something. But what?
  • Creatures. He's being pursued by creatures. Katniss stumbles after Cato. And runs.

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