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The Hunger Games Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

  • The reunion show, hosted by Caesar Flickerman, begins. The support team comes out and then Katniss and Peeta (supported by a cane) are transported to the stage. She runs to his arms and they kiss for quite some time.
  • The two sit in a love seat, and after a glance from Haymitch, Katniss kicks off her sandals and snuggles up to Peeta and puts her head on his shoulder.
  • Now it's time for the show: they have to watch a three hour re-cap of the entire games. This year the editors have made it into a love story.
  • Peeta carries the romance for the first part (staying awake under the tracker jacker tree, etc.), but Katniss's role picks up after Rue's death, when she shouts out Peeta's name.
  • The berry suicide moment is played and then it ends, thankfully, with Katniss pounding on the glass in the hovercraft, calling Peeta's name. Pretty compelling.
  • President Snow then appears on stage with a crown which he breaks in half and puts one on Peeta's head and the other's on Katniss's. He is smiling but his eyes are "as unforgiving as a snake's" (27.10).
  • The evening's festivities conclude and then it's time for the Victory Banquet. Afterwards, Peeta and Katniss are separated and sent to separate rooms to sleep and prepare for the final interview tomorrow.
  • Determined to talk to Peeta, Katniss slips out to the roof, but he's not there. She tries to leave her room again later that night, but she's locked in. Imprisoned! But by whom?
  • The next morning, it's interview time, and Katniss is prepped again by the stylists and then ushered into a sitting room with a love seat. Caesar Flickerman is there to ask questions.
  • Peeta and Katniss snuggle up again (per Caesar's suggestion) and the questions begin. Peeta does most of the talking as he has a great rapport with Caesar.
  • Finally Katniss has to talk. Caesar asks her when she knew she was falling for Peeta. Katniss fumbles but Caesar helps by reminding her of the night she called out his name when she heard that two tributes could win. Recovery!
  • Caesar changes the subject to all their injuries and he asks Peeta how his new leg is. Katniss blames herself because she used the tourniquet, but Caesar points out that she saved his life. Katniss gets upset and buries her head in Peeta's shirt.
  • Caesar then asks Katniss about the berries. She says she couldn't bear the thought of being without Peeta. Peeta agrees. Good job! The interview is over.
  • Katniss collects things from her room (the mockingjay pin) and then is whisked away to a train to be taken back to District 12. She'll see her support team again soon when she and Peeta go on the tour of the districts that the victors always go on.
  • Katniss changes into a plan shirt and pants. She starts feeling like herself and Peeta's arms around her shoulders starts feeling "alien" (27.58).
  • The train stops for fuel, and she and Peeta walk outside for air. She can only think of Gale. Haymitch appears and tells them to keep up the lovey-dovey stuff until they're back in the district and the cameras are gone.
  • Haymitch gone, Peeta asks Katniss what that was all about. It comes out that Peeta thought that love stuff back in the arena was real, but Katniss didn't. Well, not completely. She doesn't know what she feels. The closer she gets to home, the more confused she is.
  • Peeta asks her to let him know when she figures it out. He goes back to the train.
  • When the train pulls into the station, there are cameras everywhere. Peeta extends his hand to Katniss and says, "One more time? For the audience?" (25.82).
  • Katniss takes it as they step onto the platform.

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