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Hush, Hush Introduction

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Hush, Hush Introduction

Love the supernatural but sick of wizards, vampires, and werewolves galore? Then fasten your seatbelt because angels—particularly bad-to-the-bone fallen angels—are ready to step into the spotlight. For your own safety, we don't advise you try to stop them.

Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush, Hush rode in on the enormous young adult fantasy lit wave of the early 2000s, adding to the frenzy for all things supernatural with its tale of angels so fallible they fall from heaven, their half-bred evil spawn the Nephilim, and the unsuspecting humans caught up in it all. Add a steamy love story between narrator Nora and bad boy Patch, and it's no wonder the book has been praised as a "gripping chiller" and "exhilarating read" (source).

Published in 2009, Hush, Hush is the first of a four-book saga. This isn't your grandma's epic angel story, though—none of the angels in this book belong on the top of a Christmas tree. Instead, these creatures are powerful, devious, immortal, and dedicated to meddling in human lives. Poor Nora is just a reserved teen with a recently murdered dad and absentee mom who finds herself caught up in some very ugly, and very supernatural, business. It takes coming of age drama to a whole new level, to say the least.

Ready for a book that is actually as melodramatic as being a teen can feel like? Read on. The slew of accolades the book's received suggest you won't be disappointed (source).

What is Hush, Hush About and Why Should I Care?

Ah, love and death—we're going to go out on a limb and say that these are the two most pervasive subjects in literature. Go ahead and think of any famous novel, and we'll bet you an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top and extra sprinkles that love and/or death factor in.

When you put the two together in the kind of forbidden, dangerous love featured in Hush, Hush, things only get more interesting. The allure of the forbidden is as old as the apple in the Garden of Eden, but when love and death combine in the form of a supernatural potential romantic mate, acting on temptation only seems more taboo, and therefore extra appealing to the characters and to us as readers.

The allure of dangerous love is why we continue to be intrigued by stories like Antony and Cleopatra's and Romeo and Juliet's, and it's why we see so many variations of the dangerous/forbidden love plotline. Hush, Hush takes its place in this literary vein, giving us another chance to explore our human fascination with love, death, and the perilous coupling of the two.

Hush, Hush Resources


Visit Becca Fitzpatrick
No, not at her house—we're talking about the author's website, which has tidbits about all her work, as well as her bio and social media links.

Fan Out
If you're jonesing for more of the Hush, Hush gang, get your fill at the official fan site. It covers the whole saga, so beware of spoilers.

Movie or TV Productions

Option Options
Hush, Hush was optioned for movie production in 2012, but to the chagrin of fans everywhere, Becca Fitzpatrick announced in July 2014 that it's a no-go. Tear.

Fan-tastic Trailer
The bummer news about the movie hasn't stopped these super-fans from making their own trailer. Nothing stops super-fans.

Articles and Interviews

Novel Thoughts
This interview has a lot of great background information about the story's development and Fitzpatrick's point of view.

Reader Q and A
Goodreaders ask Becca Fitzpatrick their questions. And you know what? She answered.

What's Up with Angels?
This article takes a look at the trend of YA novels featuring angels. Before you read, for fun you might form your own theory and see how it measures up.


The Best Interview Ever
We kid you not: This is an amazing interview. It's a short video featuring Becca Fitzpatrick and one awesome, young, crown-wearing interviewer who asks the tough questions.

Book Trailer
The book trailer is a fun little teaser to pique your interest in the novel.


Fitzpatrick created a playlist for Hush, Hush and the other books of the series. She has the playlist set up through Spotify, but you could also create your own.

Run, Nora, Run
This YouTuber thinks "Run Devil Run" should be Nora's song. What song would you pick for her?

Fan Boys
See what happens when readers dress up like Patch. All in a day's work for Fitzpatrick.


Becca Fitzpatrick
Check out the author's curly hair. Think it could be the inspiration for Nora's?

Chauncey's Digs
Château de Langeais is a real place, and we totally want to go to this castle in the Loire Valley.

Delphic Seaport
This image is actually of Old Orchard Beach Pier in Maine, but we think Delphic Seaport amusement park would look similar.

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