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Hush, Hush Sports

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In one scene, Nora plays softball with Elliot for gym class, and in another, she plays pool with Patch at Bo's arcade. The scenes are strikingly similar: Both become blush-inducing chances for the boys to get touchy-feely with Nora, reaching around her body to show her how to hold the bat or pool stick and repositioning her hips to get her into the appropriate stance for the sport. They are both super sexually charged moments, and in each case, the boy is totally in control, demonstrating superior knowledge and manipulating her body through the motions of the sport.

Remember that each guy has his own agenda for Nora away from the softball field or pool table. Elliot needs to spark her romantic interest to lure her to Jules; before Patch becomes romantically interested in Nora, he wants to kill her as part of his plan to get a human body. The guys are game players, and Nora is their pawn. That they maneuver her body through sports reflects that game playing works perfectly.

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