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Hush, Hush Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • Vee calls Nora just after 2:00AM, furious and curious what happened to her after she didn't come back with the cotton candy.
  • As Nora hangs up with Vee, she remembers that her battery had strangely seemed drained when she was with Patch at Delphic, but now it's fully charged again. She gets an eerie feeling.
  • Nora and Vee go shopping at Victoria's Secret.
  • Nora starts to get the creepy feeling that someone is watching her again, and sure enough, she sees a hooded figure lurking across the street from the store.
  • Vee comes up with one of her brilliant plans to get information about the follower: She puts on Nora's jacket and takes Nora's umbrella to trick the person into thinking she is Nora. Once the person starts to follow Vee, Nora will follow both of them.
  • Sure enough, hoodie starts to follow Vee. Nora notices the figure is dressed androgynously, but definitely has a feminine walk.
  • Nora gets into Vee's car to try to catch up with Vee and the stalker after losing sight of them.
  • When she finds Vee, though, she's lying hurt on the ground just outside the local cemetery. Uh oh…

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