Chapter 11

  • Vee has to get surgery on her arm.
  • Strangely, and maybe suspiciously, Patch is absent from biology class.
  • After missing the last two appointments with Dr. Hendrickson, Nora meets with the new school psychologist, Miss Greene.
  • The meeting with Miss Greene is terse, and Nora is eager to get it over with. Miss Greene notes the request for Nora to tutor Patch and says that all the tutoring should be supervised at school. Okie dokie.
  • Nora goes to the library to do homework before visiting Vee. While researching theater reviews online, she finds an article detailing how Elliot was questioned in a classmate's mysterious hanging death. The death was later ruled a suicide after finding a note.
  • Elliot shows up in the computer lab. Unsure of whether he's seen what she'd been reading, Nora declines his dinner invite.
  • She prints the article before leaving.

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