Study Guide

Hush, Hush Chapter 13

By Becca Fitzpatrick

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Chapter 13

  • Nora and Vee go to the Borderline on Patch's night off to snoop for information about him. Vee reveals that she has invited Jules and Elliot as well and that she's been dating Jules.
  • Only Elliot makes it to dinner, though; he says Jules is sick. Huh.
  • Nora changes into a miniskirt, heels, and wig, all courtesy of Vee, sits at the bar, and starts asking the bartender all kinds of awkward personal questions about Patch.
  • The questioning is cut short when the bartender says Patch is at the restaurant working.
  • Nora retreats back to the bathroom, but Patch is somehow able to get in despite the locked door.
  • Patch sees the list of questions Nora wrote out about him, including one about a girlfriend. Patch says he has an ex-girlfriend, and Nora hypothesizes that the person following her might be his jealous ex. Patch says his ex is "gone" (13.168), though, which Nora assumes means she's dead.
  • Nora tells Vee she's not feeling well, and they leave the restaurant.

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