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Hush, Hush Chapter 14

By Becca Fitzpatrick

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Chapter 14

  • At home, Nora is startled to find her mother back from work, but she's relieved to see her and has the urge to tell her mom everything that's been going on.
  • Nora's mom reveals that she's not making enough money at her job and that they might have to sell the farmhouse. Nora doesn't want to add more stress or make her mom quit her job for one that doesn't involve travel, so she decides not to fill her in on all the crazy stuff that's been going on.
  • Nora and her mom chat about her dad and how she knew she was in love with him. Nora says she's asking because there's a guy at school she's been hanging out with (Patch).
  • Though it's late, Nora's mom is called into work. See ya, Ma.
  • Nora goes up to her room and finds it's been ransacked. She also sees the guy in the ski mask inside before he makes a dive out the window.
  • Nora calls 9-1-1 and Detectives Basso and Holstijic arrive.
  • When Nora takes them to her room to show them the damage, though, everything is back in order. The officers don't seem to believe that there was an intruder.

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