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Hush, Hush Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

  • Nora goes back to the library to try to find out more about Kjirsten's death. She can't find much and decides she better go up to Portland to visit the school in person.
  • Nora runs into Marcie as she's leaving the library, and the two get into a name-calling match. The security guard tells them to break it up, or at least take it outside.
  • To avoid escalating the conflict, Nora takes a different exit, which includes a tunnel from the library to the parking area.
  • Patch is coincidentally standing at the end of the darkened tunnel. The two play a heated cat-and-mouse game around the parked cars, with Nora hurling questions at him about how he always shows up where she is and about what happened on the Archangel.
  • As usual, Patch is pretty elusive with his answers, but he does offer to give Nora a ride home, which she has to accept because it's either that or walk.
  • He asks her out for Saturday night.

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