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Hush, Hush Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

  • After the arcade, Patch goes into a restaurant to get take-out, leaving Nora alone in the Jeep.
  • Nora rummages through the vehicle, looking for anything that will give her more information about Patch. When she finds a flashlight with blood on one end, she assumes that he used it to attack Marcie.
  • She asks Patch about the flashlight, and he explains that the stain on it is paint from a paintball game of Capture the Flag, not blood.
  • Patch drives Nora home and gives her a snow globe of Delphic as a present. Nora asks again what happened on the Archangel, and Patch again does not give a straight answer, this time blaming the interruption on Nora's mother, who is watching them from the doorway.
  • Nora's mom, less-than-pleased, puts him through the parental ringer.

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