Chapter 20

  • Early the next morning, a drunk/hung-over Elliot shows up at Nora's house to confront her about why she doesn't like him and invite her on a camping trip with him, Jules, and Vee.
  • Elliot is violent in the encounter, punching the side of Nora's house, banging the screen door, and grabbing Nora.
  • Vee calls all excited about the camping trip, but Nora tells her how aggressive Elliot was. Vee sides with Elliot, arguing that Nora only suspects Elliot because she doesn't want to believe Patch could be behind the ski mask. Yeah, that's it… not.
  • Vee agrees to let Nora borrow her car to drive to Portland (to snoop around about Kjirsten) and even offers to go with her if Nora agrees to go camping. Nora decides to go to Portland by herself instead.
  • Nora's first stop is a diner called Blind Joe's, where Kjirsten worked as a waitress.
  • At the restaurant, Nora finds out that Elliot and Kjirsten were hooking up, Elliot paid for Kjirsten's apartment, and Jules didn't seem to "want Kjirsten around" (20.110).

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