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Hush, Hush Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

  • Once they reach the seedy hotel, they find that the phone lines are down because of the storm. The lights soon flicker out, too.
  • Patch pays for the room in cash.
  • Nora worries about being stuck in a remote, candle-lit hotel room with Patch. She's also still thinking about reporting the homeless woman's murder, making sure Vee is safe, and wondering if all of this is really happening… or if she's going insane.
  • Nora and Patch both take showers (separately). When Patch emerges wearing just his jeans and no shirt, Nora again sees the scars. In a heated moment of some pretty intimate touching, she brushes a fingertip against the right scar. When she does, Nora feels like she is being sucked through a dark tunnel.

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