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Hush, Hush Chapter 23

By Becca Fitzpatrick

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Chapter 23

  • Nora is transported to Bo's. The calendar on the wall shows a date from August of the previous year, and no one can see or hear her.
  • Miss Greene, whom Patch recognizes and calls Dabria, enters and explains that Patch can get his wings back if he saves a human life. He asks what his rank will be, and she says guardian, which is laughable to him. Apparently he's too good for that.
  • Dabria kisses him and starts to leave. Patch stops her, knowing she has tricked him.
  • Dabria admits she knows Patch is planning something from the forbidden Book of Enoch. Patch doesn't say exactly what he is planning, but it's clearly a threat to the other angels.
  • Patch instructs Dabria, an angel of death, to lie and tell the other angels that he will become a guardian in order to distract them.
  • Patch asks for the name of a person about to die to feign interest in saving a life and becoming a guardian. Dabria gives him Nora's name. Patch recognizes the name, which is weird because Nora hasn't met him yet.
  • Patch asks how Nora will die, and Dabria says that someone wants to kill her. That someone? It's Patch.
  • The connection breaks there, and Nora begins to struggle against Patch, demanding to know why he wants to kill her.
  • Nora gets some explanations from Patch about how he can enter her mind and about how he has considered killing her in the past, but that he changed his mind. Thanks?
  • Nora says she will only trust Patch if she can touch the scars again to find out more. He relents, and she once again puts her hand on his back.

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