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Hush, Hush Chapter 24

By Becca Fitzpatrick

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Chapter 24

  • This trip down Patch's memory lane, Nora finds herself in a graveyard.
  • Rixon reminds Patch that Cheshvan starts that night, which means they can possess the bodies of others and experience tactile and sensual feelings that they usually can't feel.
  • Patch asks Rixon about The Book of Enoch, specifically about a story explaining how fallen angels can become human. According the story, he would have to kill his Nephil vassal, Chauncey, in order to become human. Rixon reminds Patch that they don't know of a way to kill Nephilim, who are immortal.
  • Patch muses about becoming a guardian and finding a way to kill his Nephil vassal, thus becoming human. Patch wants to become human something fierce.
  • Nora removes her finger from the scar and leaves the memory. She asks Patch about his fall. He says that he thought he would become human if he fell and that he did so because he was in love with a human girl. Though that girl is no longer in the picture, Patch still wants to become human rather than become a guardian angel.
  • Nora asks Patch if Dabria also wants to become human and if that's why she is still on earth. Patch is surprised to hear Dabria is on earth, and he knows she is planning something.
  • Nora suggests that Dabria might be out to kill her because she still has feelings for Patch—she thinks Dabria could have been the one in the ski mask.
  • Patch leaves the motel room to get the Jeep so he can drive Nora home and then go to the high school to see if he can find any indication of Dabria's plan.

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