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Hush, Hush Chapter 25

By Becca Fitzpatrick

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Chapter 25

  • Patch drives Nora home; her mom is away at a wedding.
  • Dabria appears. She admits to following Nora and Vee on their shopping trip, attacking Vee, and planting ideas in Vee's head to make her think Patch was the attacker—but Dabria says she's not the one who looked in Nora's room while she was sleeping (way back in Chapter 2). Huh.
  • Despite what Patch has told Nora, Dabria insists he wants to kill her as a sacrifice so that he can become human. Dabria points out the birthmark on Nora's wrist, saying that it indicates that Nora is the female descendant of Patch's Nephil vassal, Chauncey.
  • Dabria says she will kill Nora first so that Patch can't sacrifice her and become human. She knows if that happens, Patch will never be able to rejoin her as an angel.
  • Dabria attacks Nora and sets the house on fire. Nora is able to hide and call the police, and Patch shows up just in time to save her from the burning house.
  • Patch gives Nora the keys to his Jeep and tells her to drive to Delphic and wait for him there. Instead, Nora goes to the movies to look for Vee.
  • Dabria's statement that Patch must sacrifice Nora to become human continues to nag at the back of Nora's mind. Seems appropriate.

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