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Hush, Hush Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

  • Nora goes into a viewing of The Sacrifice. Nora doesn't find Vee, but Patch finds Nora in the theater and takes her out to the theater's ladies' room.
  • Nora is still worried about what Dabria said, so she confronts Patch. He fills in some gaps about his past, mostly about how he became a fallen angel.
  • Nora also asks about her birthmark and whether she's descended from Nephilim. Patch tells her she's related to Chauncey on her dad's side.
  • Nora asks what happened to Dabria, and Patch reveals that he stripped her of her wings. If he hadn't, he explains, other angels would have. Though her wings are stripped, Dabria isn't dead, and Nora wonders if she will turn back up in her life.
  • There's some hot and heavy kissing in the bathroom.
  • Vee calls Nora, telling her that she, Elliot, and Jules have snuck into the school to play hide-and-seek and inviting Nora to come play. Elliot gets on the phone and tells Nora that if she doesn't come "there's a tree in the common area with Vee's name on it" (26.108). Well, gee, that's ominous.

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