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Hush, Hush Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

  • Nora fills Patch in on her suspicions about Elliot, and they leave the movies to go help Vee.
  • In the parking lot, they find two flat tires on the Jeep, deflated intentionally by someone. Alas, who did it isn't clear—as Patch indicates, he has a long list of enemies.
  • Patch breaks into a car and hotwires it, but Nora goes back into the theater to ask a classmate working there (Brandt) to borrow his car. Brandt is reluctant until Patch hands over three hundred bucks plus gas money. Cool move, Patch.
  • They drive to the high school. Patch exits the car, leaving Nora inside and instructing her to drive away if anyone comes out of the building.

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