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Hush, Hush Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

  • Nora finds Vee in the eZine lab and they make a plan to get out of the building, but as they're on the move, Jules finds them. Nora tells Vee to run and call the police because she knows Jules is after her, not Vee.
  • Jules chases Nora into the gym where she finds out that in addition to shooting the bag woman, Jules was the one to attack Marcie Millar and stare in Nora's bedroom window. Oh good.
  • Patch makes it to the gym as well.
  • Jules grabs Nora, pointing a gun to her head.
  • Patch takes possession of Nora's body to help her fight Jules off, but since it's not Cheshvan, he cannot possess her body for very long. He instructs her to run once he lets go of her body, and she does, but Jules is playing with her mind to make her think all the doors are locked.
  • As her only alternative, Nora climbs up a ladder and along ceiling rafters to get into an airshaft and find another way out.
  • Jules follows Nora up to the rafters. Seeing him up there, Nora is reminded of her blood connection to him, as well as her feelings for Patch.
  • Before Jules gets the chance to push Nora from the rafters, she jumps from them, sacrificing herself so that Jules will die and Patch will become human.

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