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Hush, Hush Chapter 30

By Becca Fitzpatrick

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Chapter 30

  • Nora wakes up in her bedroom with Patch.
  • Patch explains that Nora's death killed Jules, but Patch rejected her sacrifice and saved her life instead. That means Patch gave up becoming human and is now Nora's guardian angel instead.
  • Patch also reveals that Vee got to the police in time to save Elliot, and he reminds her of the fire and destruction done to the farmhouse by Dabria. He says the police went there to put out the fire.
  • Nora calls Vee, who tells her that the police and the news are covering Jules's death as a teen suicide. Nora doesn't tell Vee the whole truth about what happened, even though Vee has always been her best friend.
  • Detectives Basso and Holstijic come to take Nora's statement about the damage to the farmhouse. Nora says Miss Greene entered the house, said Nora had something she wanted, admitted she wasn't a real school psychologist and was using the job to spy on students, and then started the fire in a hysterical fit. It's a scant explanation, but the detectives buy it and then recommend the Greys get a security system.
  • Nora's mom calls a company to install an alarm system, and Patch shows up saying he works for the company.
  • The chapter ends with Nora and Patch kissing.

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