Study Guide

Hush, Hush Chapter 4

By Becca Fitzpatrick

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Chapter 4

  • Nora calls Vee after the car-attack incident. Vee assumes Nora hit a deer, and Nora goes with it because, you know, it would be hard to explain the whole mystery attacker without sounding crazy.
  • Nora drives back to Vee's to find something even crazier, though: There are no marks on the car except for a crack in the windshield. She's freaked out by what she can/can't recall about the incident.
  • Nora sleeps over at Vee's, and they go to Enzo's Bistro for breakfast where they meet two boys—Jules, who goes to a nearby private school, and Elliot, who is transferring from the private school to Coldwater High School (CHS, a.k.a. where Vee and Nora go). Vee is interested, but Nora is stand-offish.
  • During a bio quiz, Nora asks Patch if he is following her, thinking he might have been the one in the ski mask. Patch evades the question and is flirty as ever.
  • Vee gets Patch's last name off Coach's class roster and floats a plan to get a look at his student file by sending Nora to register her iron pills with the nurse, whose office is right across from student records.

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