Study Guide

Hush, Hush Chapter 5

By Becca Fitzpatrick

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Chapter 5

  • Nora enacts the plan and manages to get Patch's file, but something about it is off.
  • The principal catches her while securing the area from a bomb threat Vee has called in as a distraction. Luckily, Nora doesn't get in trouble and is just asked to leave.
  • Nora meets Vee at the Borderline, which happens to be where Patch busses tables (because of course it is).
  • While Vee is in the bathroom, Patch slides into her seat and continues with the oh-so-suave compliments.
  • Nora reveals that she looked at his student file and it was empty. She says she knows there's something off about him and that she's going to find out what.

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