Study Guide

Hush, Hush Chapter 7

By Becca Fitzpatrick

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Chapter 7

  • On Saturday morning, Nora chats with Dorothea, the housekeeper, about not doing "stupid things for a boy" (7.12).
  • After primping, Nora and Vee drive to Delphic Seaport, where they find Elliot and Jules in the arcade. Unfortunately, Patch is there, too.
  • Elliot goes to buy sodas. Jules says he's going to the bathroom, but he doesn't come back when Elliot does.
  • Vee tries to stir things up between Patch and Elliot by pointing out Patch's crush on Nora.
  • Elliot offers to confront Patch and tell him to leave them alone, but Nora says she'll do it.
  • Patch tries to get Nora to ditch Elliot and hang out with him. Nora can't deny that she is drawn to him, but she's also freaked out by him, especially when he does the mind-talking thing again. She insists that she's there with other people.
  • Before slipping out of the arcade, Patch tells Nora one more time to ditch the others and meet him at the Archangel, which is a rollercoaster. She says no.

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