Study Guide

Hush, Hush Chapter 8

By Becca Fitzpatrick

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Chapter 8

  • Nora briefly rejoins Elliot and Vee, but she leaves again to go get cotton candy.
  • She catches sight of the Archangel and finds herself caught up in the foot traffic making her way closer to it.
  • She gets the feeling again that she is being watched, and she sees a hooded figure slinking into the darkness.
  • She runs into Patch, who convinces her to go on the Archangel by saying that he'll talk to Coach about switching seats if she can make it the whole ride without screaming.
  • On the ride, Nora's seatbelt comes undone, the door of her car opens, and she plummets to the ground.
  • But then all of a sudden, everything goes back to normal. The ride pulls to a stop with Nora safely inside.

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