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Hush, Hush Love

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Hush, Hush is the story of a teenage girl's first love, but don't bust out the tissues in anticipation of a mushy romance tale—Patch and Nora's romance is the dangerous, forbidden, bodice-ripper type, toned down a bit for teen audiences. For Nora, falling for Patch means being with a dude who once wanted to kill her and making herself vulnerable to the attacks of his enemy; for Patch, their relationship means adjusting his selfish, playboy ways and finally putting another before himself. Their interest in each other is intensely sexual, and they're both required to make life-altering sacrifices for the other. As the book ends, though, their future together remains to be seen.

Questions About Love

  1. Is Hush, Hush the story of teenage infatuation, or is it a tale of true, deep, and ever-lasting love? Why? Prove your answer with evidence from the text.
  2. What does love mean in the story? How do characters express love for one another?
  3. Is Patch being selfish rather than loving? Should he let go of the idea of being with Nora rather than pursue her?

Chew on This

In Hush, Hush, true love changes you.

Hush, Hush shows that giving up too much for love is dangerous.

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