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hush Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

  • It is Toswiah/Evie's fourteenth birthday, but her coconut cake is from a store and there's nothing written on it.
  • Mama's new religion doesn't allow them to celebrate birthdays, and Toswiah/Evie misses the birthdays she shared with Lulu.
  • Daddy comes into her room to wish her happy birthday that morning, and for a moment Toswiah/Evie dreams that nothing has changed.
  • Then she realizes Daddy smells unwashed and he's losing weight and has stopped going to his therapist. All bad signs.
  • Toswiah/Evie feels like she and Cameron/Anna are alone in a world that comes apart a little more every day.
  • Mama tells Daddy he needs to get out of the apartment and get a job, and they get in a fight about it.
  • In the argument, Daddy reveals that his testimony sent Officers Randall and Dennis to jail. He's devastated by this, but Cameron/Anna and Toswiah/Evie are happy—at least their sacrifice is worth something.
  • Mama is completely wrapped up in her new religion, but she says she hopes to be able to return to teaching soon.
  • Cameron/Anna leaves the room and Mama goes out to evangelize passersby, leaving Toswiah/Evie and Daddy alone.
  • They share a rare moment of connection, but Toswiah/Evie is still worried about Daddy.
  • Toswiah/Evie remembers a day when she was just Toswiah and her mother was Mrs. Green and she visited her mother's classroom. She remembers what a good teacher her mother was and wants her to have that again.

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