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hush Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

  • On Saturday, Cameron/Anna and Toswiah/Evie go out for coffee.
  • On the way, Toswiah/Evie thinks about the dreams she has where she runs away, all the way back to Denver, but then runs past it.
  • At the coffee shop, Cameron/Anna tells her she's been accepted to Simon's Rock College in Massachusetts.
  • Cameron/Anna says she knows Toswiah/Evie will be okay because she has track now: Mr. Lacori (a.k.a. Leigh) mentioned it.
  • Toswiah/Evie's not so sure, but Cameron/Anna keeps talking about how she has to get out of this situation: You know—Mama's religion and Daddy's despair and generally not feeling like she has any control over her life.
  • Finally, Cameron/Anna reveals she'll be leaving for the spring semester.
  • Toswiah/Evie tries to tell her sister that their parents won't let her go, but she knows that's not true.
  • Cameron/Anna asks why Toswiah/Evie's not telling their parents about track, and she says it's because she wants something to be hers.
  • Cameron/Anna agrees to keep her secret.

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