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hush Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

  • Evie recalls a time when she was Toswiah and her teacher asked her to write about the prettiest thing she'd ever seen: She chose Daddy in his dress uniform on the morning he was awarded a Medal for Bravery.
  • She sees that morning as the beginning of the road that led her family to this apartment because Daddy says that's when he started to believe in justice and the Denver Police Department, which eventually led him to break the Blue Wall of Silence.
  • Toswiah/Evie remembers the night of the shooting and everything Daddy told her about it: Two white cops shot an unarmed black boy.
  • Daddy asked Toswiah/Evie what he should do, but she didn't know what was right.
  • Toswiah/Evie lay in bed and thought about the shooting, trying to imagine it and what Daddy must be going through.
  • It turns out Officers Randall and Dennis shot the boy; they panicked, thinking he had a gun. Toswiah/Evie has known these men her whole life.

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