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hush Part 4, Chapter 24

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Part 4, Chapter 24

  • And finally, Part 4…
  • Toswiah/Evie stands up in a school assembly and says the Pledge of Allegiance and sings "America the Beautiful" right along with everyone else—she feels she's reclaiming part of herself by doing this even though her mother's religion forbids it.
  • Later, she tells Mira she's given up on track. After what happened to Daddy, she doesn't feel like running.
  • Mama cries in the bathroom at night.
  • Toswiah/Evie gets to visit Daddy, who is in the hospital for physical therapy.
  • She begins to think of life in splits—quarter miles in a race that you just do one at a time.
  • It's late December, and Cameron/Anna is still planning to leave in January; she tells Toswiah/Evie she should keep running because it's her thing.
  • Toswiah/Evie doesn't really believe her, but she gets out her running shoes anyway, because she feels it's all she has left.

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