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Hyperion Betrayal

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Intelligence reports suggest that at least one of the seven pilgrims is an agent of the Ousters (Prologue.17)

What sprouts when the seeds of betrayal are planted? In this case, an evil man-eating weed of warfare. Like Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors, but much, much scarier.

[Kassad] had known when he made his decision on Qom-Riyadh that his superiors would have no choice but to crucify or promote him. (2.274)

While Kassad didn't technically betray orders by exploding the head of the New Prophet, his superiors weren't exactly happy about it.

I'm s-s-sorry, Martin […] b-b-but this m-m-madness has to end (3.442)

Poor stuttering Sad King Billy says this to Martin before he tries to destroy the manuscript, which we wanted Martin to complete. Shortly after, Martin will watch as the Shrike kills Billy. Hm. We're pretty sure that two betrayals do not make a right.

Who manipulated the Ousters into attacking? (5.1032)

Gladstone's silence when Brawne asks her this question is telling. She's betraying the trust of millions of Hegemony citizens by orchestrating a war. That's pretty cold.

On Old Earth they had a word for what I was—quisling. (6.483)

At first we thought the Consul was a sandwich shop, but then we remember that was Quiznos. We asked our friend and found out that a quisling is someone who betrays his or her country. Why didn't he just say he was a Benedict Arnold?

The death of Old Earth had been deliberate, planned by elements of the TechnoCore and their human counterparts in the fledgling government. (6.504)

This might just be the ultimate betrayal: our government destroyed our planet. If you'll excuse us, we'll just be freshening up our tin foil hats.

I did not tell [Meina Gladstone] that [the Ousters] had promised to give me a device which would open the Time Tombs and allow the Shrike free rein. (6.508)

The Consul isn't just betraying Meina Gladstone by opening the Time Tombs, he's putting all of humanity in danger. And yet, they still decide not to kill him.

I shot her then, her and the three technicians. [...] Then I walked over [...] and triggered the device. (6.524)

We're not sure why the Consul felt he had to shoot the Ouster agents. He must have just had betrayal on the brain. It's a slippery slope—and evidently, you can't trust anyone in the future.

Our friend is a spy. [...] He is what they call in the thrillers a double agent, a triple agent in this case. [...] In truth, an agent of retribution (6.539)

Here, Weintraub calls the Consul a triple agent. That's a lot of agenting. Is it possible to be a quadruple agent, or would all the double-crossing just cancel itself other out?

"The penalty for treason is death," [Silenus] giggled. "We're all going to die within a few hours anyway. Why not make our last act an execution?" (6.569)

Remember when the Consul thought Silenus might be mad at the beginning of the book? Now he's giggling about how they're all going to die. Yep, we'd say "mad."

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