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I Am the Cheese Chapter 10

By Robert Cormier

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Chapter 10

  • Back in the taped session, Brint asks Adam to describe Amy Hertz.
  • Adam calls her a light-hearted "wise-guy" (10.5) and describes how they met at the public library – love at first sight, he says. (Check out "Characters: Amy Hertz" for more details.)
  • Right when they met, Amy told Adam that he had to try "the Number," (10.8) and they planned to meet the next day. By the way, Amy called Adam "Ace."
  • She made Adam feel happy, and made the world a better place for him. He was normally very shy and always stayed at home (otherwise his mother worried), but Amy made him want to share his stories. She was his muse.
  • After a stop at Amy's house, where her crude fart humor took him (and us) aback, they proceeded with "the Number," basically an elaborate prank of some kind. This time it involved going to the supermarket, filling up carts, then abandoning them in the middle of the aisle.
  • Adam was amazed at Amy's nonchalance. (That's a fancy French word for composure. And <em>that's</em> a fancy English word for acting calm and cool.)
  • The two lovebirds watched their plan unfold, as the supermarket employees freaked out. That night they kissed for the first time.
  • The story about Amy is interrupted by Brint, who asks if Amy is a clue. Adam says he wants to keep Amy separate from everything else because of the phone call she made to him. And suddenly we're back in the story....
  • Amy called one day (she called him often) to tell him that she'd met someone at her dad's newspaper office from Rawlings, Pennsylvania, where Adam's family had moved from.
  • The man at the office knew everyone in Rawlings, but he didn't recognize the last name Farmer.
  • Adam realized something was fishy, so he lied, telling Amy they had only lived in Rawlings for a few months. He was surprised at how well he could lie, and Amy bought it.
  • Cut back to Brint and Adam talking in the session. Adam says he rationalized the situation – meaning he figured there must be some logical explanation for why the man didn't know his family.
  • Brint suggests that the run-in with the dog and the phone call from Amy are tied together somehow and encourages Adam that these sessions and some medicine will help him remember.
  • The session ends.

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