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I Am the Cheese Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

  • Adam began spying on his own family, trying to figure out what was going on. He wanted to share this with Amy, but he was afraid of messing up their relationship.
  • Brint asks Adam what he found out from spying. Adam tells him about his mother's Thursday-night phone calls (even though he suspects Brint already knows about them). Don't worry, no 1-900-numbers involved.
  • Adam is hesitant to continue, but he knows that talking helps him fill in the blanks, so he continues to tell his story.
  • His mother spent an hour on the phone every Thursday, and Adam, while spying, overheard her talking to a woman named Martha, who referred to Adam as her nephew. Adam's mom and dad had told him that he had no living relatives, so this was quite a surprise.
  • He had to stop listening because his father walked in, but he had heard enough.
  • Back to the taping. Adam is feeling faint, so the session ends.

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