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I Am the Cheese Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

  • Adam is in a restaurant, a rest stop on his bike journey, where three intimidating guys are eating popcorn. (Not the most intimidating image to us, but Adam is afraid of everything.)
  • We find out that Adam has left his bike at the police station in Carver (the town he's in). The policeman didn't even really look up when he entered, but he said he could leave his bike there.
  • The counterman smiles at him and serves him some extra chowder.
  • The three guys start throwing popcorn at Adam and taunting him after he tells them he left his bike at the police station for safekeeping. (They <em>should</em> be hassling him for not wearing a helmet.)
  • Whipper, the leader of the pack, bothers him endlessly about what's in the package he's carrying. Finally he gives up and Adam is able to escape.

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