Study Guide

I Am the Cheese Chapter 21

By Robert Cormier

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Chapter 21

  • Adam wakes up in the ditch to the voice of an old man asking if he's all right. He slowly comes to and remembers what happened with the three troublemakers.
  • An old woman calls to the man from a car. We learn that this woman, Edna, has had a stroke, and her husband, Arnold is taking her to a doctor's appointment.
  • Arnold offers to put Adam's bike in the car and give him a ride. Adam accepts – at this point, he just wants to get to Vermont. (Even if it means getting in a car with total strangers? It was a different world in the '70s.)
  • Adam plans on spending the night in Belton Falls to rest up – he knows there's a motel there he can stay in.
  • In the car he becomes nauseous, but he sings "The Farmer in the Dell" to himself and looks forward to a good night's sleep.
  • He realizes he's fallen asleep when he wakes up in Hookset, the neighboring town to Belton Falls. The couple drops him off there.

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