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I Am the Cheese Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

  • The chapter begins with a long transcript – so long that the tape has to be changed in the middle. On Brint's urging, he and Adam begin to talk about the gray man.
  • Adam says the gray man was often in his family's house. He would always go with Adam's father down to his office in the basement, where they would stay for an hour before he left. His father told him it was his supervisor at the insurance office, just coming to check in.
  • After he heard his mother talking to his alleged aunt, though, he became suspicious of everything. But he couldn't let on.
  • Adam begins to tell a story: One day, he was waiting for a call from Amy – the one person he felt comfortable with – when Mr. Grey (the gray man's name, oddly enough) came over. Thinking of the mischief Amy was known to cause, he decided to do some of his own: he eavesdropped on the conversation between his father and Mr. Grey.
  • He felt guilty about listening in on his father, but when he went to apologize he heard his parents talking – about him. They could tell he was becoming suspicious and didn't know what to do. They also referred to Mr. Grey by another name – Thompson. Strange.
  • Finally his father found him in the basement, and Adam confronted him about his suspicions. Adam's father was crushed, but he also knew he had to fill him in.
  • Brint asks Adam what his father told him, and Adam answers: "That my name was Paul Delmonte, that there was no Adam Farmer" (22.36). <em>What?</em>
  • Brint presses him further, and Adam says that his father told him "everything" (22.36).

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