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I Am the Cheese Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

  • Back on his journey, Adam emerges from a drugstore and realizes his bike is gone. Bummer.
  • Wandering claustrophobically through a back alley, he hears a man shouting to him from a fire escape. The man calls him "Honey." Adam asks if he's seen his bike.
  • The man rambles on about how people steal things, how he's stuck in this cage (a fire escape), and says Adam should put up a reward for the bike. Adam is growing more scared and more frustrated.
  • Finally someone shouts to the man, Arthur, from inside his apartment and urges him to tell Adam who stole his bike.
  • Arthur finally tells him that it was Junior Varney who took it. He tells him where he lives, and Adam leaves quickly, scared of what's about to happen. We would be, too.

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