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I Am the Cheese Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

  • Adam begins this session by questioning Brint's authority. He thought he was a psychiatrist, but now he feels like he's just being interrogated. He also feels like he's been asked all these questions before.
  • Adam says he'll continue to open up, but he wants to talk about Amy.
  • And so he begins to tell his story.
  • Adam had stopped spending so much time with Amy because he was afraid he would spill the beans to her. The "My real name is Paul Delmonte and I'm in hiding" beans.
  • Brint interrupts to ask if he ever told Amy any details. No, Brint, he didn't. Just listen, for crying out loud.
  • One day Adam's family received a dreaded phone call. The day had begun with one of Amy's Numbers: she and Adam had attempted to turn on all the car radios and windshield wipers in a church parking lot during a wedding, so that when the guests got back to their cars chaos would ensue. The Number failed, though; they got caught in the act and had to run.
  • Adam had a lovely day with Amy, but when he returned home his mother told him that Mr. Grey had called about an emergency.
  • Brint interrupts the story to confirm this breakthrough, showing Adam how much "information" (28.35) they had gleaned just from this little story.
  • Now Adam is sure that Brint is an enemy, but he wants to uncover these memories. He hopes he can do so "without betraying – betraying who?" (28.39). Don't worry, Shmoop is just as confused as you are.
  • The story continues. Adam's mother told him that Mr. Grey had heard something on a wiretap that made him worry about the Farmers' safety. This had happened twice before, and it meant they had to take a trip out of town to be on the safe side.
  • Adam's father arrived home. Afraid that the house might be bugged, he spoke as if they were just going off for a weekend getaway.
  • Back in the taped session, Adam says he wants to continue…

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