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I Am the Cheese Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

  • Back to the previous session. Adam begins to tell the story of his family leaving on their emergency trip.
  • The family was all piled into the front seat of the car for safety. (Huh? Doesn't sound that safe to us. And since this was the '70s, they probably weren't even wearing seatbelts.)
  • They sang "The Farmer in the Dell" together until Adam began to ask questions. What if they're never able to return? His parents reassured him they would, but Adam was still saddened by their history.
  • The family decided to stay at the Rest-A-While motel for the night. That evening they went out for a nice dinner and had a lovely time, laughing and joking together.
  • The next morning, when they set out in their car, Adam's father suddenly announced that he thought they were being followed. It might be Mr. Grey's men, there to protect them, but they couldn't be sure.
  • Adam's dad pulled over and the car following them didn't stop. As it passed, Adam's father recognized the men in the car as people who worked for Mr. Grey.
  • No longer concerned, the family continued on. Coming upon a beautiful view, they stopped to get out of the car for a better look.
  • As they were standing there, looking at the vista, a car came hurtling toward them. There was a loud scream, which came to an abrupt stop. Adam saw nothing.
  • Back to the transcript, Adam is reluctant to continue the story, but Brint urges him on, so he continues.
  • The car hit all three of them. Adam remembers flying through the air and watching his mother hit the ground and die on impact. He landed and found himself in a pool of blood, just staring at his mother.
  • Suddenly voices appeared, shouting that "[h]e got away – he's not here" (30.41), but that "[t]hey'll get him – they never miss" (30.43).
  • Adam was numb. He didn't want to look at his dead mother anymore, so he mustered all his strength to turn his head.
  • Go ahead, Shmoop groupie, and read these next few paragraphs in your book. While Adam is recounting the painful story of his mother's death and his own near-death, Brint constantly interrupts him, only wanting to know who he saw at the scene of the crime. Have a heart, Brint!
  • The chapter ends with Brint harshly questioning Adam and receiving no response at all.

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