Study Guide

I Am the Cheese Chapter 5

By Robert Cormier

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Chapter 5

  • A continues his bike ride, singing various verses of "The Farmer in the Dell." (By now, this will probably be stuck in your head.)
  • He remembers singing the song with his mother and father (who now has a name: David). He describes the laughter and happiness shared in those moments but reminds himself that things took a turn for a worse: "This was in the days before [my mother] became sad, of course" (5.7).
  • Our narrator has a name – phew! It's Adam Farmer. This is why his father always sang "The Farmer in the Dell," he tells us – because it was written for them, the Farmers. His father says that if their name were different, the song wouldn't be as meaningful.
  • Adam continues on his bike ride, singing, but suddenly he is brought back to his senses. His body begins to ache, he realizes he has to use the bathroom, and he finds himself worried about what lurks in the woods next to him.
  • He keeps moving, though, and reaches another hill. He coasts down, heading toward a small town. He begins to sing "The Farmer in the Dell" again (getting old yet?) and knows he is on his way.

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