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I Am the Cheese Chapter 8

By Robert Cormier

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Chapter 8

  • In another chapter that alternates between transcript and prose narration, Adam asks Brint if he's a doctor and says it doesn't seem like they're in a hospital. That makes us feel a little better: Adam doesn't have any better of an idea what's going on than we do.
  • Adam decides to reveal some information to Brint about his past. He starts to tell a story about him and his father being confronted by a dog.
  • First Adam gives a description of his dad, an insurance agent who came alive when talking about books.
  • Back to the story, Adam and his father had been taking a walk through town, on their way to buy a record (which is even more ancient than a cassette tape) when suddenly his father stopped and changed directions.
  • The two of them ran into the woods together, but Adam wasn't sure why. He's pretty sure they were running away from something, though.
  • Once in the woods, there was a brief moment of lightheartedness, but then they encountered the dog.
  • After a short staring contest, the dog attacked his dad. Being one tough cookie, his fought off the dog, which ran away. Adam hugged his dad, and that's the end of the story.
  • After he's told the story, Brint begins to ask more questions (surprise surprise). He seems to be very interested in what made Adam's father run into the woods in the first place. Adam's more concerned about the dog. The session ends.

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