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I Am the Cheese Fear

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Adam is afraid of <em>everything</em>, it seems. Open spaces, closed spaces. Dogs, teenage boys. Being alone, being followed. But the important question isn't <em>what</em> does someone fear but <em>why </em>do they fear it? We learn throughout <em>I Am the Cheese</em> that Adam has reason to fear everything around him: since his family is in hiding, they never know whom or what to trust. Every knock on the door is frightening. Sounds like a horror movie, right?

Questions About Fear

  1. Are there any instances in the book in which Adam seems particularly brave?
  2. What would you say is Adam's biggest fear?   
  3. Who does Adam think is following him on his bike ride? Is there any way to know?
  4. Are Adam's parents equally fearful?
  5. List all of Adam's fears that you can think of. Does he have a logical reason behind each of his fears or not?

Chew on This

For Adam, the unknown is more frightening than the known.

If Amy were in Adam's situation, she wouldn't be as afraid.

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