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I Am the Messenger Part 5 / Chapter J (the laughter)

By Markus Zusak

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Part 5 / Chapter J (the laughter)

the laughter

  • Welcome to Part 5, a.k.a. "The Joker." As a heads up, every chapter in this section of the book is called Chapter J… you know, to make things easy for us as readers.
  • Of course the card with Ed's address is the Joker. He feels like the Joker is laughing at him, and he starts panicking and looking for whoever dropped off the message, but there's no one around.
  • Finally Ed has to go to work. He gets numb driving people around, so he doesn't speak to anyone all day.
  • His life is like one big empty void, waiting for something to happen.
  • The next night he takes a corner too fast and the Joker falls off the passenger seat and laughs at him. Insert creepy laugh here.

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