Disappointment in I Am the Messenger is all about the painful experience of finding out that what you thought was possible was nothing but a pipe dream. If you're lucky, you get over it, but not so much for Ed and his buddies. Ed finds out that the girl of his dreams has other lovers and doesn't want him, that the world can be cruel and mean, and that his own mom doesn't always have his best interests at heart. If you're looking for contentment and satisfaction, trust Shmoop when we say you are barking up the wrong book.

Questions About Disappointment

  1. Why is Ed's mom so disappointed in him? How do Ed's siblings affect this disappointment?
  2. How do Ed's friends and family disappoint him? Why does he tell his family about his mom's affair?
  3. What is disappointing to the people Ed helps? In what ways are they so discontent that any help is overly appreciated?

Chew on This

Ed is so disappointed in his mom's affair because she acts holier than thou but really she is immoral.

Ed's mom is disappointed in him because his siblings have achieved so much more than him.

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