Study Guide

I Know This Much is True Religion

By Wally Lamb


There are almost as many variations of each individual religion as there are different religions. In I Know This Much is True, different characters have different views of Christianity. Some are intensely devoted, some feel betrayed by God, and others have a religious fervor that borders on madness. Religion in I Know This Much is True is like one of those tacky lenticular Jesus pictures… it changes depending on which angle you look at it from.

Questions About Religion

  1. Why is Ma "religious" but Thomas "crazy" in Dominick's mind? What is the difference between their methods of worship?
  2. Does Dominick think his grandfather is religious or crazy? What do you think about Domenico?
  3. Why doesn't Dominick believe in God? Is he really an atheist? Why does he wish there was a God?

Chew on This

Thomas simply takes the religious devotion of his mother and grandfather to the extreme, while Dominick retreats from it in the other direction.

If Thomas had lived in the small village where Domenico grew up in the 1900s, he might have been seen as a saint himself.