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If I Stay Friendship

By Gayle Forman

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Maybe it was because we were too alike. (7.22)

Many people who are too alike start off as enemies before becoming friends, but sometimes they start off as friends and become enemies, like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

I was caught off guard by how intensely I already hated her. (7.25)

The road to friendship with Kim is a rough one. Perhaps both girls recognize in the other traits they don't like about themselves?

When we got older, we liked to joke that we were so glad we had that fistfight. […] When else were two girls like us going to come to blows? (7.32)

Like good friends, Mia and Kim are able to look back at this embarrassing moment in their lives and laugh about it. (Seriously, though—a fistfight? Is that how the young 'uns are finding friends these days?)

We were friends, just as everyone had assumed all along that we would be. (7.35)

Sometimes other people know better than you do. People seem pretty invested in Mia's life and all of her choices, including which classmates she should and should not naturally like. Looks like Mia's a pretty lucky girl—even if she doesn't realize it.

I expected the three of us to become the best of friends. I expected Adam to love everyone I loved as much as I did. (10.72)

Because Mia and Kim are so similar, she expects Kim to love Adam, and vice-versa. But Mia and Kim do have differences. This is one of them. Why is it that Kim doesn't like Adam as much as Mia does?

"You're two of the most important people in my life." (10.88)

Here Mia puts Kim on the same level as Adam, but we'll later see that while she would stay alive for Adam, Mia would die if Kim were the only one waiting for her. Oh, well. True love.

The funny thing was, I never really bought into Kim's notion that they were somehow bound together through me—until just now when I saw her half carrying him down the hospital corridor. (10.94)

Just as Mia attends Adam's shows because she loves him, Kim goes to Adam and takes him to the hospital because she loves Mia as her best friend. Kim doesn't do this for Adam's sake. She does it because she knows that's what Mia would want.

"Now I get why you and Mia are such peas in a pod. A pair of Cassandras." (11.26)

Cassandra is the Greek version of Debbie Downer, only with psychic powers. The idea is that Kim and Mia somehow understand things better than others do. Is that the case? How so?

Now she's here acting like his best friend. That's the power of the scene, I guess. (12.3)

The music scene brings people together because if you the like the same kind of music, then maybe you have other kinds of things in common, too. Adam would never have fallen for Mia if she didn't love music, and he is friends with rock chick Brooke because they know each other professionally.

That's how I know Kim will be okay. (16.12)

Here we see that Mia would be fine dying and leaving Kim to grieve. She knows her best friend is strong enough to make it without her. But Mia never has the same thought regarding Adam. Is Adam weaker than Kim? Or what's the deal?

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