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If I Stay Chapter 12: 9:06 P.M.

By Gayle Forman

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Chapter 12: 9:06 P.M.

  • Adam brings Brooke Vega, "indie-music goddess" (12.1) to the hospital to create a distraction. Um, how did he accomplish this?
  • Brooke sings in the waiting room, and when all eyes are on her, Adam and Kim run into the ICU to see Mia.
  • Okay, next time we want to sneak into a hospital, we'll just call up Sufjan Stevens to come play in the waiting room. Seems legit.
  • Adam's just about to reach Mia's bed when security guards nab him.
  • Suddenly, Willow, Mom's nurse friend, shows up.
  • Willow takes charge and orders security to release Adam, or else she will call the hospital's director of community affairs.
  • Oh nos.
  • However, Mia realizes that if Willow is there, that means she's not at the other hospital with Teddy.
  • Which means Teddy is dead.
  • Mia has a flashback to watching Teddy be born.
  • Mia even cuts the umbilical cord, and she is the first one to hold Teddy.
  • Because of that, Mom used to joke that Teddy thought Mia was his mom.
  • And now he's dead. RIP, Teddy.

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