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If I Stay Chapter 14: 2:48 A.M.

By Gayle Forman

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Chapter 14: 2:48 A.M.

  • Real-Mia is out of surgery and stable.
  • Willow brings Gran and Gramps to check on her.
  • When Willow and Gran leave, Gramps stays behind.
  • Gramps tells Mia that if she wants to stop fighting, it's okay. She can.
  • Ghost-Mia is glad someone understands how much she has lost.
  • Mia has a flashback to when her dad left his punk band.
  • It was after Teddy was born, and Dad decided to be responsible.
  • Dad's friend, Henry, didn't understand, and was mad at Dad for months.
  • Until Henry had a child of his own. Then he understood.
  • Someone else took it hard: Gramps.
  • Even though he never personally liked his son's music, Gramps always found him to be a talented poet, and he hoped his son would keep writing songs.
  • Mia goes home and finds one of her dad's CDs.
  • Mia listens to the lyrics of a song called "Waiting for Vengeance."
  • The lyrics are about "running out of fight" (14.52) and making a change in life.
  • Mia likes the lyrics, and she sings the song with her dad, understanding why he decided to leave his band.
  • Mia and her dad play checkers together.

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