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If I Stay Chapter 4: 10:12 A.M.

By Gayle Forman

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Chapter 4: 10:12 A.M.

  • The ambulance rushes Mia to the hospital.
  • Mia overhears that yes, her parents her dead, but Teddy is behind her. He may still be alive.
  • However, Mia needs to be airlifted to a bigger hospital, so off she goes in a helicopter to Portland.
  • In the helicopter, Mia wonders who will tell her boyfriend where she is.
  • Mia has a flashback to when Adam, the boyfriend, first asked her out.
  • Mia and Adam go to a Yo-Yo Ma cello concert in Portland.
  • Mia isn't sure it's a date—until Adam shows up in a suit. It's a date.
  • Mia still doesn't understand why Adam, the king of cool, asked her uncool self out.
  • Adam tells her Mia he noticed how much she loved music. Of course.
  • And they kiss. Oo la la.

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