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If I Stay Chapter 6: 3:47 P.M.

By Gayle Forman

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Chapter 6: 3:47 P.M.

  • Real-Mia is moved to the ICU.
  • Ghost-Mia can still say I see you to her own body, which is weird.
  • Mia eavesdrops on the nurses, who say she is in "grave" condition (6.4).
  • Mia hopes she can see Adam before she goes.
  • Mia has a flashback to the early days of her relationship with Adam. "It didn't start out so smoothly" (6.12), apparently.
  • Mia's parents love Adam, and he's super romantic.
  • Mia and Adam have a Titanic moment in her bedroom when he says, "I want you to play me like a cello" (6.41). That's totally the new "I want you to draw me like one of your French girls."
  • Mia literally rubs her cello bow all over him. No, really. We're not making this up.
  • Adam then plays Mia like a guitar, which involves fingers and plucking. It's orgasmic. Hey, don't look at us; we're just the messengers.
  • The next day, Mia tells Adam she loves him.
  • If this is not starting out smoothly, we wonder how mind-blowing a smooth start would be.

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