Study Guide

Nestor in The Iliad

By Homer


Nestor is the wise old man of the Achaian army. Well, at least part of that statement is true. Nestor never passes up an opportunity to tell a long, rambling story about how awesome he was back in the old days. On the whole, he does a good job of encouraging the troops and keeping everybody on his best behavior. That said, some of his advice has more mixed results. In this category, think about how Nestor coaches his son, Antilochos, before the chariot race in Book 23. By following his father's counsel, Antilochos places second, only to have Menelaos claim he cheated. Also, don't forget that it's Nestor's idea for Patroklos to lead the Myrmidons into battle wearing Achilleus's armor. (Of course, in the long run, that ends up working out great for the Achaians.)

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