Study Guide

Floyd Wells in In Cold Blood

By Truman Capote

Floyd Wells

Floyd provides the tip that cracks the Clutter case when he tells prison authorities about his conversation with Dick about Floyd's former employer, Herb Clutter. We know little about him except that he's serving 3-5 years for theft and is described as "short and nearly chinless" (3.1).

Wells waits to tell the authorities what he knows about who committed the murders, because he wants to find out if he'll be punished by the other inmates if he snitches. But the promise of the $1000 reward plus parole finally motivates him to come forward. He insists that he always liked Mr. Clutter and had no intention of encouraging Dick to rob him.

Wells testifies at the trial but, despite his reward and parole, ends up in prison again for 30 years.

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